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Post  014amy on Mon Dec 06, 2010 12:05 am

this is just a bit of my essay... lemme know what you think.

Animal testing

For years scientists have been trying to find different ways to cure the diseases that have been plaguing humans for decades. A number of these cures were found through animal testing. Although this method has proven itself useful in the past there are a few other alternatives to this approach. Some see these alternatives as an insufficient way to treat the illnesses that humans face, and some see them as breakthroughs in medical science. The pros and cons of animal testing have been debated frivolously for many years and there never seems to be any common ground. On one side there are scientists and everyday people who will attest to the necessity of animal testing, warning that if we do not continue people will die very painful and unnecessary deaths. Other scientists and animal activists refute these arguments arguing that there is no actual benefit to animal testing it is just barbaric and cruel. There is no actual proof that proves either side beyond a reasonable doubt, due to that fact that both sides release information of their own on the subject

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