Intro Paragraph to Nuclear Energy/Fusion

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Intro Paragraph to Nuclear Energy/Fusion Empty Intro Paragraph to Nuclear Energy/Fusion

Post  John H on Sun Dec 05, 2010 5:58 am

Development of Nuclear Energy has been happening since the 1950’s, and Nuclear Energy only contributes to 7% of the world’s energy demand (Wenisch, 2007, p2). Nuclear energy could be the answer to global warming and volatile climate changes because it provides efficient energy and does not directly lead to CO2 emissions (Wenisch, 2007, p5). Nuclear Energy can be processed in two forms – Fission and Fusion. Nuclear Fusion is not yet a sustainable source of energy according to Physics International “the technological method of attaining the known required fusion conditions is not yet developed”. Nuclear Fission is not a form of renewable energy, because nuclear reactors always require a new input of Uranium (Wenisch, 2007, p10), it is important that further research is to be done on nuclear fusion.

any help (especially on the citation if there's anything wrong) is appreciated

John H

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