Introduction: The Importance of IT to Peri-operative Nurses

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Introduction: The Importance of IT to Peri-operative Nurses

Post  trellou on Sat Dec 04, 2010 1:13 am

With today’s evolution of information technology [IT], many individuals and groups in society were exponentially benefited in different facets of life. It is evident that the presence of IT has impacted various areas of work related systems in a positive manner. In the healthcare sector, information technology integration provides a number of advantages to peri-operative nurses.

I showed to my draft to teacher Derek this afternoon and he suggested that the word "invasion" should be changed. I think that what he meant was that "invasion" would give the audience a negative interpretation about IT - where in fact, my essay is all about the positive impact of IT to the peri-operative nurses. In the first line of my introduction, I changed the two words - that is, "widespread invasion" - to "evolution". This is the best word I can think of, but I am open to any suggestion.

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