Third Paragraph: The importance of Information Technology to Perioperative Nurses

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Third Paragraph: The importance of Information Technology to Perioperative Nurses

Post  trellou on Tue Nov 23, 2010 9:55 pm

When information technology is blended with the perioperative role, it supports communication processes in the operating room and other departments. For instance, numerous errors can result from insufficient access to clinical data, and therefore, the realization of the coverage list application, which regulates the information among clinicians and perioperative nurses, eliminates the excess risk from cross-coverage (Connor, Reinbolt, & Handley, 2001). During the early 20’s, the Providence St. Vincent Medical Centre’s surgical services staff members embarked on a mission to tackle the communication and workflow dilemma. This resulted in the integration of various modern technologies such as: an integrated system with passive infrared tracking, an enhanced nurse call system, a wireless in-house telephone system and a web-based electronic grease board which can be seen in computer monitors or from a large display monitor purposefully located all through departments. In infrared tracking, patients’ information from the preexisting surgery system is sent via computer interface to the tracking software database. The nurse-call and in-house telephone systems are systems wherein the nurse uses a telephone assigned to a certain set of rooms. For every procedure a nurse does, a button on the assigned telephone must be pressed so that all information is transferred to the subsequent healthcare provider. (Bahlman, & Johnson, 2005)

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