Couple Things we covered in class last week.

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Couple Things we covered in class last week.

Post  kyle1391 on Mon Nov 15, 2010 1:25 am

I figured that I'd post a few things talked about in class last week, Especially since we dont really have a class this week...

First off. Your number one site for Writing anything is the Owl Purdue Writing Lab Website.
This is important, If you have any questions about anything APA, Citations, etc.

Second.. Another good site Derek told us to check out... Is the Proquest website.
It's alittle weird at first, But if you can figure it out, its useful!

Third... "Cite this" is neat. It will help with any citations. If you look up 'cite this' on google. you'll find lots on how to use this tool.

A couple other little tips I thought I throw in.
Paraphrasing Vs. Quotes
Paraphrasing involves summarising or the shortening of a statement, and a quote is something thats actually been said, word for word. This is important when writing your essay, because you do NOT want to use "" unless it can be exactly cited.
Common knowledge should not be in quotations. The example used on our sample essay in class was "thin is in". This should not have quotations.
Referencing large and small work.
Large Work - Internet source, newspaper, magazines, tv series, books, and movies.
These should be underlined and Italicized.
Small Work - Poems, articles, stories, episodes, a specific chapter from a book.
These use quotation marks.

I hope this helps guys!


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Re: Couple Things we covered in class last week.

Post  Derek on Mon Nov 15, 2010 10:56 am

Good post. I'm moving it to class notes.

Thanks Kyle.

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