class notes for october 8th 2010

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class notes for october 8th 2010 Empty class notes for october 8th 2010

Post  amarjitdulku on Fri Oct 08, 2010 10:11 pm

Week 5
writing/brainstorming, plan, etc.

week 6
Journal #1 due

week 7
narrative Essay due

week 8

writing process
1. pre-writing Brainstorming/research
generative organize/ plan

Listing---Linerar process
Brainstorming---lateral process also the most affective because we use right side of our brain
(3-5 paragraph model

I focusing your topic
-write down ideas
ex. idea= shoes
II Organizing
- look for similar ideas and connect them
ex: details about main idea
III controlling ideas
ex: manufacturing and marketing shoes

Thesis - general idea what your topic is going to be about
ex: topic controling idea (specific)

General shoes manufacturing and marketing
some examples of thesis are:

topic --walmart

1. walmart is monopolizing the market and running other businesses into the ground

2. walmart is contuing to move into smaller towns and is shutting down local businesses


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class notes for october 8th 2010 Empty Re: class notes for october 8th 2010

Post  var772 on Thu Oct 14, 2010 9:01 pm

Further to your notes the definition of the thesis statement :

Thesis Statement should be a clear statement. It comprise of a Topic and controlling idea.

Topic is generic, and controlling idea is the specific way to handle the situation.

In the Thesis statement:
a) Try to avoid Active and action verb.
b) Try to use only linking verb.
c) Sometimes we cannot avoid using action verb.

In your example Walmart is a "Topic" and rest of the statement is the controlling idea.

I hope this information will be useful for you.


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