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class notes date : 8 Oct, 2010 Empty class notes date : 8 Oct, 2010

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"The Writing Process "

Writing process can be done by many ways :

There are 3 main steps for writing process

1 Pre writing 2 Brain storming
3 Draft

Pre writing:

it can be done by
-brainstorming - slow and thoughtful
-pre writing - takes more time
-organizing - have to think about corelating ideas.


There are many ways of brainstorming:

-make the list of ideas.
-develop central idea and than think for other ideas related to it and than corelate that.
-write rendom ideas
-settle first idea and then think around it
-think only one side of topic.

Best method of brainstorming is:

first step :

-write your topic in centre of paper
-write your ideas on paper in scattered manner.( note : listing your ideas will limit your creativity)
-now corealte your ideas with each other.
-make connections in between them.
-delete other idea that is not really necessary and unrelated with the ideas that you have selected.

second step :-choose the corelative ideas -take another paper and write it down all again.
-this time you need to be precise with your topic
-organize all ideas.

Third step: (making of the thesis sentences)

thesis = topic (general) + controlling idea ( specific idea)
by looking at your idea try to make thesis sentence.


-Thesis sentence should be very clear.
-Try not to make too long and and confusing sentence.
-Use simple linking verb. ( eg: is,are,has,have)

( linking word : A linking verb is a verb that connects the subject to the complement.
eg : the food smells good.)
* defination form the link :


(corelate experience ) ----RELATED------------- (personal thinking). ----Related in our daily life.

concrete experience is related to our senses.

we have five different type of senses.

1 sight ( very important)
2 hear
3 touch/feeling
4 smell
5 taste


( from greek word : 'syn' means together and 'aisthesis' means sensations)

-expression of feeling with our senses.


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