class notes from 8.10.10

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class notes from 8.10.10 Empty class notes from 8.10.10

Post  NikaT on Mon Oct 11, 2010 1:43 pm

[center]The writing process
[left][list=1][*]Pre- writing(generative) :
  1. -research/ brainstorm

  1. organizing
This step require most of the time
  1. Writing: 1st draft
    The smallest amount of time
-editing: content, structure
-proofread: mechanic/style
-Final draft

[center]Brainstorm tips
-do not make list of ideas, spread them around the shit and than link ideas which make seance.
-there is no wrong ideas, there is just ideas which will not prof your Thesis.

[i]Thesis is a one clear sentence which describes your main idea about the topic


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