Lecture Week # 14

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Lecture Week # 14 Empty Lecture Week # 14

Post  var772 on Wed Dec 15, 2010 1:42 pm

Class started with the assignment to write a paragraph of 200 to 250 words in 30 minutes.

After finishing the assignment we checked it with the help of Prof. Derek Brown.

We checked the requirement of the assignment, and was explained in detail that how easy it is to lose the marks, by not taking care of it.

Discuss about the importance of time management in writing an essay, and how to distribute the time for each step of writing process.

We don’t need to write the rough essay and rewrite it as a finished essay. It is better to write it only once. Writing once will not only save our energy and time, but we can use this extra time in the revision and improve our essay.

Explained to the student the format of the writing

Write your name

Write the title of the essay

Double space – it will be easy to correct, edit or improve the sentence

Word count – count the number of words in the two lines and then average it out for the whole page.

The final essay will be 750 words, 5 to 7 paragraph.

Then writing process was explained with respect to the final in class essay.

I. Pre-writing
II. Writing
III. Revision

Pre-writing: Brain storming ---- No idea is a bad idea. Generating material
Organize it, and trim it down to the points. It is always easy to work with points when writing the paragraph.

Writing: usually we do not start step two until we have prepared a plan in the first step.
There is no hard and fast rule for step one and two. The first plan may be not accurate, and if require some modification; therefore, the writer goes back and forth from step one to step two over and over again, until make a final plan and then finish the first draft.

The essay will have THESIS STATEMENT.
Each paragraph will have TOPIC STATEMENT with at least three major details.

Revision: Leave enough time for the revision. It is always good to relax for few minutes before revision, because during the writing process a person becomes tired. Few minutes of rest will help him to better concentrate on proof reading.

Then was explained how solve the Grammar/Mechanical/Style errors.

What is allowed in the final exam:

• Article of Cecil Foster
• Article of Tomson Highway
• Dictionary
• Thesaurus
• No electronic device is allow

In the end every student was given one more essay, which they should bring in the exam. Students are not allowed to write notes on it. Meaning of the difficult words can written on it, but only in English. Writing any thing on the article other than in english is not allowed.


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