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Lecture week # 5 Empty Lecture week # 5

Post  var772 on Thu Oct 14, 2010 8:44 pm

Lecture was the continuation of writing process.

Discussed different types of Brain storming.

Method I : Free writing.
It is not very successful method of Brain storming, very time consuming.

Method II : Making the list of ideas.
It is also not very useful method, because the process is very linear. Every point is in order: therefore, lots of restriction.

Method III : Semantic Web.
It is a very productive method. Web means – rough/not rational shape, Semantic means – meaning. In the end of the process this rough shape will come up with a meaning (ideas).

Semantic Web consist of following :
1) Central idea : which is in the centre of the Web. Usually it is the topic in general.
2) Write down all the ideas related to the central ideas around it.
3) When finished writing the ideas, circle those ideas which you think you need them.
4) The ideas which you thing are not necessary can be removed at this stage.
5) Arrange the ideas in order, and connect those ideas which can be connected in groups.

Sometimes we need to go through this Semantic Web process again to gather more ideas.

Now we can organize and order the ideas.
• Make thesis statement
• Write down main points
• Write down supporting points

This will give a good base to start the essay.

In class we did few exercises on Semantic Web.

Thesis Statement should be a clear statement. It comprise of a Topic and controlling idea.

Topic is generic, and controlling idea is the specific way to handle the situation.

In the Thesis statement:
a) Try to avoid Active and action verb.
b) Try to use only linking verb.
c) Sometimes we cannot avoid using action verb.

All this essay writing process is going from CONCRETE to ABSTRACT and then back to CONCRETE.
For example our concrete experience we put it into words, so converting it into abstract. Now when person read that essay or abstract of our words will get that concrete experience.

How to write in words our experience, we see the world through our senses :
i. Sense of sight
ii. Sense of hearing
iii. Sense of touch/feeling
iv. Sense of smell
v. Sense of taste

It is difficult to express our senses for every situation and condition; therefore, we use Metaphor. In Metaphor we use the word not as it literally mean, but buy using this word we are expressing something else. It means using vivid language. So we create an abstract by using a vivid language, but when reader will read he will get the concrete experience of the writer.

We did four exercise Describe that Tune !
Wrote the smell, taste, feeling/texture, color, … by using Metaphor.
The exercises were very interesting, you need to be in the class to enjoy and learn from it.
In the end we discuss about the Journal #1 which is due on Oct. 15th, 2010.
Journal #1 : “ What a certain Visionary Once Said” by Tomson Highway.


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