JOURNAL #2 DUE IN WEEK 12 - Here it is!

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JOURNAL #2 DUE IN WEEK 12 - Here it is! Empty JOURNAL #2 DUE IN WEEK 12 - Here it is!

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Read Cecil Foster’s “Why Blacks Get Mad” (pp147) and answer each of the following questions with one brief, focused, clear, specific, concise paragraph where appropriate.

1. What exactly is Cecil Foster’s thesis? Try to relate it to his strategy. Please refer to the specific historic event that he refers to. Do some research online to really know what he is referring to.

2. Give three of Foster’s examples. What are they examples of?

3. While this is an example of an essay using examples, it is also a persuasive essay of sorts. If persuasive essays can be divided into argument, which appeals primarily to the reader’s intellect or reason, and persuasion which appeals primarily to a reader’s emotions, which of the two is this essay? Explain using support from the text.

4. Is Foster’s piece an example of effective writing? Consider Audience and purpose. Explain your answer.

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