To become a critical reader

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To become a critical reader Empty To become a critical reader

Post  Jenny0118 on Sat Oct 16, 2010 12:52 pm

In English lecture, Derek used Tomson Highway essay to demonstrate how to become a critical reader.

A critical reader objective is to reading the material from the author’s point of view.


1. Try to find the autobiography of the author, if you can
2. What is the purpose and the thesis? Who is the audience?
3. Pay attention to writing style of the article.

What kind of words the author using?
How about syntax, sentence structures?
Is the author using unconventional writing style? ( breaking the grammer rule)
Is there a transition between the paragraphs?
What kind of image the author trying to create in the audience mind?
What kind of mood is associates with that image?

4. Analyze every sentence in the article.
5. What is the year when the article is published or where?
6. Pay attention to the title. Title captures the whole essence of the article.

Critical reading is not a passive act. It is an active mental engagement between the reader and the article.

What is the purpose of this exerices?

To become a critical reader, first you must to know who to read critically. It means you always have in mind, who is the audience and what is the purpose of the essay. When you establish to think critically, then you become a critical writer.

Writing is an art which only can be perfected with practices. Writers who write
effortless and flawlessly, even themselves need to practices to polish their writing skills.

The bottom line

Writing is one method of communication. I believe this class is about to learn how to think critically and transfer our knowledge and opinion through writing.

I ask Derek for advise how to improve writing. His advice was change my reading habit because how I read affect how I write. At first, I did not understand what he meant. Now I understand.

So develop your own `method of madness` and excel your writing skill.

I hope my note helps.


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