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Note for Oct. 08, 2010 Empty Note for Oct. 08, 2010

Post  Yichun00 on Fri Oct 15, 2010 12:29 am

Writing Process
1. Pre-writing: skim quickly, research, brainstorm, create plan
2. Writing: 1 st draft
3. Revision (editing) : it is the final draft,
there are types: a) Edit: content/structure, b) proofread: reach mechanics/style

Thesis = topic (generic) + controlling idea (specific)

Ex: Walmart (topic)
Controlling ideas could be :
1) Walmart has an extremely negative effect on the economy.
2) Walmart attracts customer s with low prices.
3) Walmart is the biggest store in the world.
4) Walmart is a big store, but they have poor customer service.

When you get a topic, you should begin to brainstorm. First, writing down every thing that is related to the topic. Second, connecting some words which could be the controlling idea. Third, choosing what you want and organizing these key words to become your controlling idea.

Synesthesia : sense, how to transport, the fact of experiencing some things in a
different way from most other people, for example experiencing colors as
sounds or shapes as tastes, or feeling something in one part of the body
when a different part is stimulated.

* Activity in class: Describe That Tune
Listen to the music and try to describe its.....
smell, taste, color, give this tune a title, write a sentence inspired by the tune.

Concrete: senses, such as hearing, touch/feel, smell, and taste (smell and taste are

Abstract: existing in thought or as an idea but not having a physical reality


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