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Post  bullocj on Thu Oct 14, 2010 7:13 pm

My Greatest Vacation Experience
When I was 10 years old I was taken by my family on the best vacation ever. We went to Europe
to Germany, Poland, and Slovakia. There are three components which made the trip the best. The first
stage was the departure the flying experience that one could only imagine as a child. Since I flew long
before 9/11 occurred, it possible for me to be allowed into the cockpit while in the air. There are many reasons which proved that my flight was a remarkable experience. The second stage of my trip was the touring Europe. In Germany myself and my family we stayed for a few days in order to look around visit a few museums, and lastly but not least we visited our relatives whom moved to Munich where we were. In Poland we own a house and have all lot of family there so it was really nice to reunite with them and to visit and tour Poland as well. However the best time were I had the most fun was in Slovakia. Such things which i was able to do, were go to a popular amusement park, and at the border I held an AK 47 machine gun it was the officers off course. To this day I remember that moment and feeling which i got in holding it. The last stage of our journey was the plane ride coming back. I got really freighted because there was heavy turbulence and the plane was decreasing altitudes and the worse we flew through a storm. In the end to this day I still reminisce about that perfect trip I was ever on with my family.

can any body review this please nad thankyou lol!


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