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Narritive Essay Proposal Empty Narritive Essay Proposal

Post  brittany on Mon Oct 11, 2010 7:25 pm

Yikes here it is... any feedback would be awesome

Narrative Essay
When receiving this assignment all I could think about was the fact that I have never been able to write a well written story in my life! Then last weekend an eye-opening incident happened that presented the opportunity to perhaps change this. My story will be written in first person. When you come from a small town where you hear and see nothing happening around you, you create the mindset that you’re invincible, and that nothing could ever happen. For me, this all changed last weekend when I was surrounded by an incident that not only opened my eyes, but made me aware of my surroundings. When you are woken from your sleep by friends yelling at you, not because you passed out before them but because there are five police cars, ambulances, girls crying and them yelling I heard two gun shots, it somewhat sobers you up. I could have easily been a bystander and watched everything but my instincts kicked in, and I attempted to help whoever I could, which happened to be the girls sitting beside the man who was shot. For about 14 hours my front door was part of a crime scene, and when looking out my front windows all I could see were police markings on one side and reporters on the other. What are the chances that I move to a big city and within 3 weeks there is a shooting across the street from me? Probably very unlikely that it will ever happen again, but I am now a full believer of the saying anything is possible.

I have no idea what this should be called any ideas

feedback from derek... Don`t use too much build up, and get straight to the point!


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Narritive Essay Proposal Empty Re: Narritive Essay Proposal

Post  kmauti on Wed Oct 13, 2010 12:09 pm

I really like what you have Very Happy
It really pulled me in eager to find out what happened!!
In all, great beginning! You could always call it "Anything is Possible," its predictable but its to the point Smile


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