The writing process (Brain storming)

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The writing process (Brain storming)  Empty The writing process (Brain storming)

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The writing Process

Pre-writing: This is very important section in the writing process, and takes long time to do it.
- Generating materials
- Brain storming
- Make a plan
Brain storming: There are many styles of brain storming but one of them is not recommended: listing style: this style is very formal, and is not creative.
The best style of brain storming:
First step
- Throw out your idea right away- every thing that comes to your mind just write it down.
- Write central topic in the centre of paper.
- Then write other ideas that are related to the main topic.
- Circle all idea that can be related to the main topic.
- Connect some of them by the line. Try to connect every related idea together.
- Delete the other ideas that are not related to the main topic.
Second step
- Choose the ideas that you circled them in the first step.
- Then try to write them on the other paper.
- Organize them by changing their order.

Third step
- Write your thesis on the top the other page.
- Then make a list of the idea that you chose from second step.
- Try to make a sentence from the words that you chose.
- If it needs to add any other thing, add on your list.

Thesis = Topic + controlling idea
Topic: is general
Controlling idea: is specific
Thesis should be:
- Clear and vivid sentence
- Very simple
- Use linking verb (to be) such as (has, have, is, are)

Synesthesia: means express your filling by one of your senses.

Concrete experience and Abstract

concere experience and abstract are related together in the language and every day conversation.

Concrete experience is related to our senses:
We have 5 senses:
1- sight
2- hearing
3- touch / feeling
4- smell
5- taste


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