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Post  amarjitdulku on Fri Oct 01, 2010 11:05 am

Forgotten Dreams

the story begins with a medical student Maria, who is doig research on amnesia. While conducting her research, she comes upon a case study of Isaac, a businessman, who suffers from short-term memory loss. Maria is fascinated with the case study and decides to research the case further. she discovers that Isaac's illness is due to an accident from the past that resulted in the murder of his girlfriend Natalia, a model, by a mobster named Eduardo. Maria becomes a truste friend and confidante of Isaac's. They both set out on a journey to find answers. they use photos, wall postings, paast diaries and written messages to uncover the crime that changed Isaac's life forever.

feedback: Derek said that my story is good and I used good grammer. The problem I might encounter is too much details. Since this story is bit complicated, I really have to stick to one plan for telling the story because it can be told in many ways. I should stick with the relationship between Maria and Isaac and build my story from that. Also, the climax of the story shouldn't be action but thoughts. For example, it should not be the murder of the villan that ends the story, it should be thoughts and events.

I do have some ideas how I will go on about developing the story still I am open for suggestion. Please feel free to comment Smile


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