I am alive! (proposal)

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I am alive! (proposal) Empty I am alive! (proposal)

Post  neda on Thu Sep 30, 2010 12:23 am

This story is about Ziba, an Iranian woman who fall in love with a man who was drug addicted. After they married together, the man stole some money from the company that he was working and lost his job. Therefore, he started to bother and beat Ziba to force her to earn money for his drug. Ziba started looking for a job. After she could find the job in the post office, her husband was staying at home and spending her money for his drug. She had very difficult life, every day after hard working outside when she come back home, her husband starts to beat her to take her money. However, she could not divorce him because in Middle East country such as Iran the women do not have any right to divorce without confirmation of their husbands. In fact, ziba still loved her husband as same as before so she thought that if they can have a baby, her husband would quit and change his bad manner. But, unfortunately after their son born, Ziba diagnosed with the breast cancer and died.

please send your idea.


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I am alive! (proposal) Empty I like it! :)

Post  NancyLove on Thu Sep 30, 2010 2:26 pm

Hey Neda,

I absolutely love the story for your proposal. Many people can relate to it since it's the life they're actually living. It may not be the same exact story but they may have another individual abusing them and controlling their lives. I really do like your idea but the only advice I can give, is for you to watch the way you express your ideas. Just by reading your proposal, I understood what you wanted to convey but some of it was missing detail. Don't forget little words that give your sentences so much more meaning. It lets the reader understand what you're trying to say a bit more. Grammar is another thing. Read your work aloud to yourself just to see if it makes sense and sounds okay. Other than that, I love your story and I hope you post some more Smile Take care!


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