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COMM 1007/08
A1: Narrative Essay

Target Competencies

Write organized, unified and coherent texts using correct grammar, mechanics, diction, and a standard documentation style.

Pre-work/Proposal/Meeting 5%
Final Draft 20%

Assignment Directions
Objective: Write a narrative essay. Tell a story. Base your work on any real incident or make something up.

Procedure: Think carefully about the story you want to write. Brainstorm around details. Organize and plan your essay. Plot your work on a narrative arc.

Now write ONE PARAGRAPH which describes the story you want to write. This is called a proposal paragraph; you’ll be given a due date for this in class. I will discuss your proposal with you, concentrating on the themes and ideas you wish to convey. You may be required to prepare a second proposal or even a third. Careful planning and clear writing, however, should result in a fairly polished proposal.

Now plan your essay carefully. Work from the proposal and plan each paragraph or beat. You may begin writing at this stage, and you may even wish to write out of order.

Write the complete essay. Put it in a drawer and forget it for 48 hours.

Take your essay out of the drawer and read it out loud. Ask yourself if this is what you wanted to write, is it clear, does it work? Proofread carefully for grammatical errors, problematic syntax, misspellings, misused words, etc. Use the TLC if necessary, or ask a friend to read it with you.

Make all the appropriate corrections.

The final essay is due at the beginning of class on .
You may also hand it in to me in advance by taking it to reception in 524A and putting it in my mail slot.


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