Notes: Wednesday Sept. 22, 8:00

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Notes: Wednesday Sept. 22, 8:00 Empty Notes: Wednesday Sept. 22, 8:00

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The Writing Process

1. Pre Writing (most time consuming)
- Generative
- Brainstorm/ research
- Organize

2. Writing (least amount of time)
- 1st DRAFT

3. Revision
- EDIT: context/structure, Ask Q's (spend less time, done in Pre Writing)
- PROOFREAD: mechanics/style (not as effective when self-proofread, ask peers or use TLC)


Narrative - STORY: beginning, middle, end
Narrator - Storyteller
Narrative Voice - 1st person (I, me, we): within, limited
........................2nd person (you): implicate the reader (try not to use this)
........................3rd person (he/she, they): outside, omniscient, limited or unlimited
Narrative Arc - See jpg

Wed, Sept. 22 CLASS HANDOUT: COMM1007/08, A1: Narrative Essay (Assignment outline)

NEXT CLASS : Wed, Sept. 29, 2010

- class starts at 9:15am, lasts about 1hr for class seminar
- 1 paragraph PROPOSAL (consists of beginning, middle, end) typed
note: proposal can't be changed once prof. approved, but voice can change if necessary

Please feel free to add or correct. Notes taken straight from Professor Derek Brown's lecture.
I hope this helps. =D


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