Important points to remember for the Exam

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Important points to remember for the Exam

Post  var772 on Thu Dec 16, 2010 2:01 pm

Following are few points which will help you for your Exam :

• Come on time because the class room door will be closed as soon as students will start the exam.
o First of all late comers will disturb/distract the other students.
o Usually the student who is late, he/she is always worried about the loss of time and cannot concentrate on their thinking process.
o You will have less time to finish the same assignment.
o Most important that you are requested by the Professor to come on time, otherwise the door will be closed.

• Time management is very important in writing time limited essay.

• Rationally distribute your time for all the steps of writing process.
o Do not spend too much time in brain storming. Try to manage it within the allotted time.
o If properly managed then you should have one third of the time for the revision to correct your Grammar/Mechanical/Style errors.
o Do your editing before the revision of your work.

• After completing your draft, take a break and relax for few minute. This break will help you to concentrate on your proof reading.

• If any sentences quoted from the article make sure the citation will be there in your essay.

• Try to write essay once, rewriting essay will consume a lot of time. Remember in time limited essay the time is always not enough.

• Write the title of the essay

• Write with double space – it will be easy for you to correct, edit or improve your sentence.

• The essay will be of 750 words, 5 to 7 paragraph.

What is allowed in the final exam:

1. The article which was given to you
2. Article of Cecil Foster
3. Article of Tomson Highway
4. Dictionary
5. Thesaurus

6. No electronic device is allowed


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