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Post  kyle1391 on Mon Dec 06, 2010 4:41 pm

For anyone who wasn't or wont be in class for week 14, Here is some important info for the test..

What you need to bring:
-A pen or pencil and an eraser.
-Your first two journals (Tompson Highway, Why blacks Get Mad.)
-There is also a journal handed out this week in class, if your not sure what this is, talk to Derek ASAP!!
-Dictionary and/or Thesaurus

No phones on in class.

Things covered in class that are important for exam:
Remember to put your name on the essay!! (it sounds dumb, but it does happen)
We will be given 1-3hrs. to write.
Read the third journal given this week.
Do not do a rough essay during exam, just get on the good one and go to town!
Go through your previous work and find your common mistakes, so they aren't made on your exam.
Write your essay in pencil if possible.
Double Space.
Your Steps you want to follow:
1: Prewriting
This is were a lot of your time should be spent during your exam.
Lots of point form notes are helpful with writing.
2: The Draft
Make it one paragraph per page, this will help if any revisions need to be made.
3: Revision
Proof reading.
Checking your grammer and mechanics.
do not bother with the context and structure editing, it will not help you in the end.

If I missed anything feel free to add to it.
Good Luck everyone!


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IMPORTANT FOR EXAM!!!! Empty Addition to Kyle's class notes..

Post  NancyLove on Tue Dec 07, 2010 1:28 am

Darn it! Kyle got to the job before I did! These notes are really helpful for anyone who missed out on the details covered in class or for those who might miss an entire session this week. Mr. Brown touched on the steps that should be taken into account when writing the exam. Kyle has posted them already but I want to expand a bit on the draft and revision process. Double spacing throughout your exam is a must. We should all know that by now.

For the draft, sticking to one paragraph per page is encouraged. It is much easier to work in pieces. Keeping things spaced apart is better for thought process and reduces stress level. Having one paragraph per page also gives you much more control over what you're writing. So if your conclusion is just one sentence, give it its own page. Don't waste time on doing a rough and later producing a final draft. Making mistakes is normal. When a mistake is made, simply cross it out with one line and continue your thought. If there is a word or words you forget in a sentence, use a caret (^) to insert the missing word.

For the revision process, do not spend time worrying about content, structure, and going back to edit paragraphs. THIS IS MAJOR SURGERY. Instead, proofread your work and pay more attention to grammar and mechanics. Before writing this exam, try to figure out what it is you sturggle most with when writing. The most common error people make in English is writing run-on sentences. Whatever your weakness may be, make note of it and strive to eliminate that problem when writing the final exam.

To really prepare for this exam, go over the pieces we've read in class and try to get a good understanding for each reading. Also go over the reading Mr.Brown has assigned and make point form notes to help you. Avoid writing full sentences. Do research if you have to. We will be given different topics on the exam so choose a topic that best works for you. If you are well prepared, it shouldn't be so hard! Hope this helps.

Happy Learning study

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Post  Derek on Wed Dec 08, 2010 10:58 am


Very thorough. You make a good team.

Thanks for posting this.

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