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Post  John H on Fri Dec 03, 2010 5:47 pm

Rule #1 Avoid Repetition
(Reiteration is not repetition)
This clearly stated -> Topic + Controlling idea
(Anecdote) - (a story that has relevance to the person) *don't over personalize an academic paper
establish tone - leave 2nd person pronouns out and lower use of 1st person pronoun
(establish position)

reiteration is essential to a academic paper
repetition = bad
|Intro| <- should be general and basically half the size of a body paragraph
|Conc| <- should be specific (reiteration - say same thing but different language)
should be about about 50 words

average length of a paragraph -
-> about 200words/paragraph

Writing Process
I- Prewriting - brainstorm/research/organize/Plan
II- Writing - 1st Draft
III- Revision - editing content/structure (coheres)
proofreading Grammar/Mechanic and APA style

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Writing Lab (Fri, Dec 3rd) Empty Some addition to you notes

Post  var772 on Thu Dec 16, 2010 4:09 pm

I am adding some more information, hopefully it will help you in you.

In the academic writing thesis statement is very important, so it should be stated clearly.
Thesis statement is a

Following points are important for the introduction of the essay ;

 Thesis statement
 Attention getter
 Establish tone
 Establish position
 Anecdote
 Background/set-up/context

Attention getter can be achieved by quote of some person, rhetorical question, giving some statistics, talk about facts. We establish a tone in the introduction, which has a link with controlling idea present in the body of essay. Therefore, tone in the introduction should be very closely related to the purpose of the essay.

Tone is very important it is closely related to your topic, and we start working on the tone from the beginning of essay, that is from the introduction.

Writer’s position should be defined at the beginning of the essay and that is in the introduction of essay. If the writer is comparing two things that one thing is better than other, then he/she should be clear in the beginning that in which side he/she is; So that the reader will know the position of the writer before starting the body of the paragraph.

Anecdote : it means to tell the reader a story or inform them about an event. Important point is that the story should be related to the topic. Any irrelevant anecdote will not only confuse the reader, but the entire tempo achieved in the start will be lost, and eventually the reader will be disoriented.

Background/set-up/context : If writer is talking about the location, then he/she should be clear in the beginning of essay from where he is going to take the reader further into the event, as writer go forward the reader will be with him. If position is not defined clearly, then the reader may mislead himself into his own thoughts. It can be time related issue, about which time essay is talking about or if situation then explain its set-up.

The most important rule for the essay writing is to avoid repetition.

Repetition can make the audience to lose the interest and they will stop reading the essay. The interest which was developed in the introduction, try to maintain if not increase it with the help of language, by choosing the correct words.

INTRODUCTION is general. It is usually half the size of average body paragraph.
Sometimes we use more than one paragraph for the introduction.

CONCLUSION is specific. It is usually the quarter or less of the size of the average body paragraph. Most of the times it is two sentences rarely three sentences.

Conclusion means expressing your views what you said in the essay; transforming it into other words retaining the central idea. It is basically a writer’s decision just to close up the discussion.


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