How to maintain focus in writing an essay

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How to maintain focus in writing an essay Empty How to maintain focus in writing an essay

Post  Jenny0118 on Sat Nov 20, 2010 9:06 am

During process of writing an essay, it is easy to lose your focus on purpose of an essay.
I found a website which provide focus questions which you can always ask yourselves when you researching or writing the actual essay.

I deleted some of question because it was irrelevent to our assignemnt.

1. Purpose

a. Why are you writing this essay?
b. What do you want the reader to know?


a. Who exactly is your reader?

3. Bottom line

a. If the reader were to forget everythingelse, what one main message do you want the reader to remember?
b. what is the impact of your conclusion?

4. Checklist

a. Have you checked the grammer and spelling of your essay?
b. Have you had individuals profread your essay?
c. Are you within the essay limit-pages character count?

This is actual websit linke: - Similar

I think this website was for preparing resume or interview. Nevetheless, some of questions were pretty useful in writing an essay or any assingment.


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