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Post  Sarah996 on Sat Oct 16, 2010 11:12 am

In the beginning there were the stars in the night sky and the fireflies in the night forest that drew the two worlds together as one....

The story starts with a girl not yet a woman who finds love in the most peculiar place. Engage in this journey, as a young woman pursues to find the young man she met along side a riverbank one evening and longs to reunite with him. There is only one problem... Alexia only knows her assumed prince charming's first name, Henry. The times are hard, famine and hardship is upon many folk but Alexia works for her meals and bed in few hopes for the possibility for a few coins. Alexia travels by foot with only a sack containing a notebook and lead, some stale bread and bowl, and a sketch of Henry and the clothes she wears. The journey takes her into foreign lands meeting the most obscure town folk. They teach her things that she otherwise would have been ignorant to until much further into her life. After some great time has passed, Alexia find herself in the town of Madora. Here she find the town folk extraordinarily friendly, the town's streets are neat and colourful unlike many of those she has passed through. Homes adorned with flowers and other plants, she feel that she has just walked herself into 'a garden of eden' and feels absolutely sublime. Madora is where her journey ends....

From afar Alexia looked and seen. She stood in absolute awe and just stared until the handsome boy turned to share a common glance. As the world seemed to disappear their vision focused only on the others eyes. One slow and careful step at a time turned into a graceful sprint towards one another ending in a teared embrace.


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